It all starts with a name

        Well, I’m relatively new to the blogging world (and by relatively new, I mean brand new).  Sure, I read blogs now and then—mostly those by professors and a few others in the public relations industry—but I never anticipated that I might one day have a blog of my own.

        But here I am!  The popularity of social media is growing fast within the world of public relations and people are noticing it.  The program I am currently taking at Centennial College—Corporate Communications and Public Relations—has even undergone some changes to adjust to this growing trend.  I am among the first batch of students to take part in a new course, Online Public Relations.  Despite the initial intimidation I experienced when informed that I would need to create and maintain my own blog, one of the hardest parts was coming up with a blog name!  Entering an industry that relies so heavily on communication, you’d think that I would have an easier time finding a couple of words to describe what my blog would be all about.  Easier said than done, my friends. 

        After some extended deliberation, I finally came up with PR Runway, which I have spelled as PRunway.  I wanted something a little creative; something that would reflect my personality but also relate back to the reason I’m creating this blog in the first place: public relations. 

        Why PRunway?  Well, when you think about it, the runway is the stage for a designer to display his or her creations to the world—creations that reflect the vision and mind of that designer.  Now, I am in no way calling myself a fashion designer, or likening myself to one.  However, I’d like you to consider this blog as my own runway.  I want you to see it as the place where I will display my own thoughts, views and visions, whether PR-related or not, to you all. 

I hope you enjoy the show!

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